Lokalforeningsledelsen 21 November 19:30

Present: Samira, Gabor, Tibanu, Peter, Hans.


  1. Recent events.
  2. Upcoming events.
  3. Financial matters.
  4. The premises (Danmarksgade 7)
  5. Other business.
  6. Next meeting.
  7. Evaluation of the meeting.

ad 1: Farah and Hans attended the campaign seminar in Odense. Major upcoming campaigns:

End torture
My Body, My Rights (on sexual and reproductive rights)
Skriv for liv (the write-a-thon)

Other campaign activities:

The winter olympics 2014 in Sochi

Hans gave a speech at the torchlit procession in Aalborg on 9 November.

ad 2: The Skriv-for-liv julestue (Write-A-Thon Xmas event) will be on 8 December at 14:00. Hans will be there and will announce the event via the usual outlets (Facebook, mailing list, the WWW). Peter will buy biscuits (pebernødder mv.) This time around we are supposed to post the letters ourselves.

We still have the LGBT exhibition from group 49. We can show it at Byens Rum (Hørfrøgade 4) and have a reception.

We can put up the exhibition on 7 December; Hans will get in touch with Christian Fumz.  Hans will take part in this and will also ask the usual suspects. Hans contacts Christian Fumz; we would like to see the premises on 3 December in the afternoon.

The actual reception will be on 10 December – again with bicycle lights, starting at Danmarksgade at 18:00. We will open the reception at 18:30. Peter and Samira and Tibanu can set up the reception; they will be responsible for buying coffee, tea, biscuits etc.. Hans will greet people at Danmarksgade 7 (can Morten and Farah be there, too?).

The reception will consist of

a speech by Lasse Olsen (if he is available)
a song or two
a chance to have coffee/tee/biscuits

We should get the guests to sign up for Lifeline; this requires a supply of Lifeline postcards.

We expect the reception to be over by 19:30. We can take down the exhibit after Christmas; Hans will ask Christian Fumz when this will be possible.

Hans will apply for funding. The event will be announced using the usual channels.

ad 3: Same as it ever was – no money spent, none earned.

ad 4: The cable problem has still not been sorted out.

The two sofas must leave the premises. Tibanu will take care of this together with Gabor.

ad 5: From now on we will post updates on events on Facebook by posting to the blog and then creating a Facebook reference.

We will have another film evening in January. A possible choice is The Road To Guantanamo. Hans will ask the secretariat for suggestions.

We talked about events next spring; we might try inviting someone interesting – Dina Yafasova/Archana Guha/Jacob Holdt or the AI Medical Group. This would be relevant for the anti-torture campaign.

ad 6: We will meet on 19 December.

ad 7: The meeting went well.

Skriv et svar