Lokalforeningsledelsen 7. maj 2013

Present: Samira, Morten, Farah, Hans, Tibanu (from 20:30)


  1. Responsibilities
  2. Recent national events
  3. Recent local events
  4. Upcoming local events
  5. Communicating with the local activists.
  6. Finances
  7. The premises
  8. Other matters
  9. Next meeting
  10. Evaluation of the meeting

ad 1: The local management must have a chairperson and a treasurer. Peter is our old new treasurer. Hans is our old new chairperson.

ad 2: Farah and Hans attended the Danish AGM in Nyborg last weekend. Two important items on the agenda were the revision of the status of the Danish section and the two  resolutions proposed by AIDA for the upcoming International Council Meeting in August in Berlin.

The proposed statute amendments were adopted by the AGM. The most relevant amendment is the one concerning activism: the distinction between local groups and local societies (“lokalforeninger”) will now cease to exist – both are groupings. It is highly unlikely that this change will be detrimental to our activities.

The two ICM resolutions concern the development of the international movement in the light of the MCTTG (Moving Closer To The Ground) strategy whose aim is the decentralization of the International Secretariat and a higher level of assessment by the 15 sections that are self-financing. For the Danish section this will mean an assessment level of 40 per cent as opposed to 30 per cent – and as a result there will be less funding for actitivies in Denmark.

ad 3: The local members’ meeting was held on 13 april. Nicolai Wichmann from the Danish secretariat talked about the anti-discrimination campaign.

We showed the film Our School on 23 April to an audience of 8 people.

Farah, Samira, Morten, Hans, Helle and Erik collected 80 signatures for the anti-discrimination appeal in Kildeparken on 1 May.

ad 4: Hans has contacted Thomas Kastrup Larsen about the anti-discrimination campaign. More news to follow (hopefully).

We need to think carefully about activities this autumn. A coming activity will be the LGBTI campaign. The MENA campaign will also be back. And as usual there will be write-a-thon during the first 10 days of December.

Kulturnatten (The Culture Night) will be held on 11 October. The next meeting about Kulturnatten will be on 30 May at 19:00. See https://www.facebook.com/events/450152298397001/. Hans will be there on 30 May. The actual content of our contribution will depend on the campaign goals at the time. Hans will contact Stinne from the secretariat – might it be a good idea to invite Nizam Najjar?

Tibanu is involved in a sustainability event in October.

The local Democracy Day will take place on 11 September. The activities will be planned by students from University College Nordjylland. Last year’s event went really well. Samira would like to be involved. Hans will get in touch with Thomas Stenz and will announce this on Facebook and via the usual channels. Hans will also contact Jes about last year’s materials.

Hans was told that there would be a diversity-related event of some sort in early August.

Samira suggests a summer party. Let’s try Friday 28 June.

ad 5: The minutes from these meetings will be in English from now on. The remaining communication will still be in Danish. We should go for a single Facebook page with information in both Danish and in English. It is important that we close the Facebook groups and switch to using the page only.

ad 6: Nothing to mention.

ad 7: The doors from the entrance to the office and the meeting room were both locked; we had to call a locksmith.

Samira has done a bit of spring cleaning (and a bit of tidying up as well).

ad 8: The important aspect of our work is that we are the local face of Amnesty International and that we should think of ourselves as the core of the local grouping.

ad 9:  Our next meeting will be on 13 June at 19:30. If you cannot make it, please get in touch with Hans.

ad 10: It is always nice to be able to finish before 9 o’clock.

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