Meeting about the Zimbabwe project 16 November 17:30

Present: Helle, Britt, Erik C., Erik B., Eli, Jytte, Hans, Karen, Coco (, Mandisa, Ole, Colin (, Milana, Karen Margrethe, Jes.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Since our last meeting.
  3. News from the secretariat.
  4. Until our next meeting.
  5. Other matters.
  6. Next meeting.

re 0: China, Randers, Seattle, Svenstrup, The Netherlands and Nørresundby were all present.

re 1: Hans has written a draft plan of action. But see re 2.

Tendai Frank Tagarira, a writer from Zimbabwe, was be in Aalborg on 9 October. He was interested in visiting Aalborg in connection with our activities.

There was an interview in Nordjyske about the project and the university network on 3 October; see

Hans has sent everyone a copy of the most recent version of the WOZA casefile.

re 2: Helle from the secretariat told us about the latest development. There have been cuts at the International Secretariat. The project plan is finished; it is not clear when we can go ahead but expect news soon. There is a new person responsible for capacity building at the international secretariat. The proposal right now is to have strategic training of AI Zimbabwe members in March 2011.

There is also news about the Roma campaign. This will be a key priority as from June 2011 and the four months after that. This means that there will material available in Danish but also that we have to adapt it to a Zimbabwe setting (including translation). The Roskilde Festival will also focus on the Roma campaign.

Everything else will be decided by Christmas 2010.

A further challenge is that there will elections in Zimbabwe; this will put more focus on NGOs (especially human rights groups) in Zimbabwe.

re 3: Basically: Wait and see. As soon as the IS approves the project, we get in touch with the group in Masvingo.

Hans will give a talk at the university on 22 November.

re 4: The UN Human Rights Day is (as always) held on 10 December. This time the Danish section will participate in the international write-a-thon from 1 to 10 December. There will also be candles etc. – but we need to buy them ourselves. Tendai Frank Tagarira should be our speaker – Hans will ask him.

Christmas party will be held on 17 December.

re 5: Next meeting: On 11 January 19:00, unless there new developments that make it necessary for us to meet. Helle will probably be back in time for the Roma campaign next spring.

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