Aktivmøde 13. jan. 2015 (på engelsk)

Amnesty Aalborg Activist Meeting, 13. January 2015

Present: Ditte, Sara, Emma, Maja, Britta, Mikkel, Scott, Artemis, Vijay, Sylvie, Diana, Peter, Tibanu, Milda


  1. 8. March – My Body My Rights activities on International Women’s Day
  2. 20. January – Movie screening of “The Act of Killing”
  3. 4. February – Lecture by Ingrid Betancourt
  4. Other Amnesty activities
  5. Non-Amnesty activities
  6. Other matters

RE 1: 8. March; My Body My Rights activities on International Women’s Day

The My Body My Rights (MBMR) campaign coordinator in Denmark Sara presented the MBMR campaign for 2015.

The theme of the campaign will most likely be sexual violence and rape. There will be a petition list. The focus will be to change specific laws in Denmark and in specific countries.

Furthermore Sara presented the preliminary ideas for activities evolving the International Women’s Day on 8. March. The activists present supplemented with their own ideas for Sara to contemplate for the final activist package for all the Amnesty groups in Denmark.

Depending on the content of this activist package we can try team up with Events by Skovsgaard, Ordkraft at Nordkraft and local womens rights organizations.

Sara hopes that some of the activities will involve The Body Shop Denmark, which Amnesty Aalborg helped initiate contact to.

If you have an idea for a MBMR activity that Sara should include in the activist package for all the Amnesty groups in Denmark, then mail it to her here. However, the package will most likely be finished in max. two weeks, so hurry up!

RE 2: 20. January; Movie screening of “The Act of Killing” at 7.00 pm at Amnesty Center Aalborg, Danmarksgade 7

A documentary which challenges former Indonesian death-squad leaders to reenact their mass-killings in whichever cinematic genres they wish, including classic Hollywood crime scenarios and lavish musical numbers.

No sign up is needed.

RE 3: 4. February; Lecture by Ingrid Betancourt at 7.00 pm at Studenterhuset, Gl. Torv 10

In collaboration with the student priests at Studenterhuset Amnesty Aalborg is organizing a lecture by Ingrid Betancourt. Ingrid Betancourt is a Colombian politician, former senator and anti-corruption activist. She was kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on 23 February 2002 and was rescued by Colombian security forces six and a half years later on 2 July 2008.

More info to come.

RE 4: Other Amnesty activities

– The “Love is a Human Right – not a Crime” Amnesty LGBTI exhibition and My Body My Rights (MBMR) exhibition at Nordkraft:

Nordkraft would like us to have the exhibition at their “Turbine område”. They will inform us this week on our request of a period that includes at the very least 15.-21. June 2015 because of the Euro Pride in Riga, Latvia.

However Sara plans the My Body My Rights (MBMR) campaign to have an exhibition in the same time period. So Peter will ask Nordkraft, if we can have the MBMR exhibition in June instead – and have the LGBTI exhibition at a time period that includes 11.-15. August because of the CPH Pride.

– Mikkel’s next intro course to Amnesty

No date yet.

– Mikkel’s lecture/movie about the Danish millitary mission in Afghanistan

No date yet.

– Hans’ lecture about Amnesty’s work in Iraq-Syria

No date yet.

– Milda’s movie suggestion “Waltz with Bashir” (an Israeli film director follows fellow veterans of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon) or “Persepolis” (French-Iranian animated film about a young girl who comes of age against the backdrop of the Iranian Revolution)

Milda will decide, which movie we should see. Then we will find a time and place for it.

RE 5: Non-Amnesty activities

– 23. January; Invitation to a multicultural celebration by Asylum Forum Aalborg

Asylum Forum Aalborg invites you to a multicultural celebration with live music, delicious food, football, children’s activities, music workshops and gatherings across nationality, culture, gender and age!

They invite asylum seekers from the North Jutland asylum centers, Amnesty activists and many others to the party. Also the band Khoncept Ciudad Mundial entertains with festive danceable world music.

Price: Make a donation and/or bring food for the common buffet! Free entry for asylum seekers.

Location: Aalborg Friskole, Sohngårdsholmsvej 47, 9000 Aalborg (bus 2 runs almost to the door).

Mandatory registration latest Monday 19. January via email to kontaktasylforumaalborg@gmail.com Find more information here

– 29. January; Invitation to open committee meeting and presentations about Greenlanders in Denmark. At Det Grønlandske Hus i Aalborg, Umanakvej 26, 9210 Aalborg SØ.

The committee for diversity and equality (the socialdemocrats in region Nordjylland) invites Amnesty activists to join their open committee meeting and presentations about Greenlanders in Denmark.

Presentations by Anne Bang from Det Grønlandske Hus and Helle Rønn Christensen, leader of Kofoeds Skolen in Aalborg.

The meeting is in Danish.

Mandatory registration latest Thursday 22. January to Britta via email to brittavistisen@hotmail.com

Find more information here

– 30. January; Invitation for De Frivillige Hus’ annual meeting. At Aalborg Freja, Vestre Fjordvej 15, Aalborg.

De Frivilliges Hus invites you to their annual meeting. The theme is “volunteering”, which amongst others Anders La Cour from CBS will come and talk about.

Mandatory registration latest 23. January via email to morten@frivillighuset.dk

Find more information here

RE 6: Other matters

– Our own broadcast on TV Aalborg

If we have an idea for something Amnesty related that is also relevant for the people of Aalborg or a big group of people (like students, etnic minorities etc.), then we can have a broadcast about it.

If you have an idea, send a mail about it to Peter at frivillig@amnesty-aalborg.dk.

Find more information here

– Read about our Hans’ meeting with Navi Pillay, the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, at the Amnesty Aalborg blog.

Read about the meeting here (in Danish)

– The next Amnesty Aalborg Activist Meeting takes place Wednesday 11. March at Amnesty Center Aalborg in Danmarksgade 7 at 7 pm.

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