Aktivmøde den 12. november 2014 (på engelsk)

Present: Peter, Ditte, Laurynas, Gabriella, Hans, Samira, Emma, Mikkel, Maja, Lena, Vijay.


  1. Write-a-thons
  2. The international Human Rights Day
  3. Other matters

re 1: The first write-a-thon is on 16 November at 2:00 pm (Peter and Mikkel are in charge of this) and another on 7th December, also at 2:00 pm (Hans is in charge of that event).

re 2: 10 December is the International Human Rights. One possibility is someone from Brovst Asylcenter; they have a lot of experience with asylum seekers from Syria. Another option is the psychologist Flemming from Hanstholm. He works with the rehabilitation of refugees. Samira will ask him, if the Brovst option does not work out.

The procession leaves from Danmarksgade at 6:00 pm. Agenda:

– Introduction to the write-a-thon
– Speech
– Song

Return to Danmarksgade 7 afterwards. Ditte will be in charge of æbleskiver and glögg and pebernødder.

Let us invite as many people as possible:

  •     Internationalt Forum (Hans)
  •     Integrationsrådet (Samira)
  •     Røde Kors, Ungdommens Røde Kors (Peter)
  •     Ibis (Peter)
  •     Hjerterummet (Ditte)
  •     World Acehnese Association (Peter)
  •     Red Barnet Ungdom (Hans)
  •     Dansk Flygtningehjælp (Hans)
  •     Aalborg byråd (Hans will ask Lasse P.N.O., Peter will ask Arne Schade)

Invitations out by 26 November.

Message of the event: Many asylum seekers are survivors of torture & refugee rights are human rights (press release out by 28 November – Hans will draft a press release).

Bicycle lights – we should buy some more, if necessary. And a microphone (maybe the one we have will do fine). Hans will apply for funding for everything.

re 3: The Movember event is proceeding fine.

We talked about the ko-group and its responsibilities.

Samira would like to have a potluck dinner on 30 November; she will send out invites soon.
We have been invited to the following events:

  • A meeting in “Udvalg for mangfoldighed og ligestilling” on 27 November (The Social Democrats)
  • SOS Børnebyerne celebrate their 50th anniversary on 26 November, Gabels Torv, 4:00 pm.
  • Next activist meeting is on 14 January.

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