Social gathering+s !

Since the autumn is coming closer (it seems as if it’s already here !) as it is getting colder, soon colors will change, leaves will fall of…

Therefore I want to invite you all to come to the event I am together with Ditte arranging on Saturday September 20th 2014 @ 1800 GMT+1 hour :

Bring a dish (& drinks) – event where we all bring a dish which we will in the meeting room make a buffet out of ! 😀

I have no idea of how many are actually going to come but I would say its fair to cook for at least for 20 people…right?

Anyways .. see you all sooner than later !
Best wishes, Samira

P.S. We also have a fun movie night event on September 16th also @ 1800 GMT+1 hour !

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