Upcoming events

17. august kl. 19.00   Amnesty møde   Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg
26. august, sen eftermiddag Amnesty Speakers Tour   Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg
27. august kl. 11-15  Amnesty på Frivilligmarked    Gammel Torv, Aalborg
02. september, hele aftenen ?Europas spøgelser? i Kulturnatten Danmarksgade 7 m.m.
07. september    Amnesty Koncert    Skråen på Nordkraft
07. september    Demokratidag     Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg
21. september kl. 16-18 Amnesty Foredrag    KUL på Nordkraft
28. september    Amnesty Workshops    KUL på Nordkraft
05. oktober    Teaterstykke om romaer  KUL/Det Hemmelige Teater

Summer is here and many of you are probably heading to the seaside or to other exciting places. But if you happen to be in town and have some time on your hands, you are always welcome to come by and learn more about how you can contribute to supporting human rights. Sun or rain, Amnesty in Aalborg is open for you the whole summer, as usual every Wednesday from 15.00 to 17.00.

Right after the holiday period we have planned a series of  events and activities. Check our schedule below and mark the days in your calendars :-)

Have a good summer and feel free to drop by our office every Wednesday!


17. August, 19.00   Amnesty meeting,  Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg. Open for all interested!

26. August, late afternoon, Amnesty Speakers Tour, Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg. Come and hear a first-hand account of Romani people of the Romani CRISS in Romania, who will tell us about the discrimination of the Romani in Slovakia and Romania. See more (in Danish) at


27. August, 11.00-15.00  Amnesty International at the Volunteer Market (Frivilligmarked), Gammel Torv, Aalborg . Unique opportunity for all those who would like to become a volunteer. Learn more about different organisations in Aalborg and meet the people behind them. You are also welcome to join us in our stand and help recruit new volunteers.

02. september, all evening ?Ghosts of Europe? during the Culture Night (Kulturnatten), Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg. Hear about the histiry of the Romani in Europe, the myths that surround them and the discrimination they suffered throughout the history. Learn who the Romani really are and how discrimination affects people in the 21st century.

07. September, Amnesty Concert, Skråen in Nordkraft. The main theme of the concert is discrimination with focus on the Romani people. Come and listen to such bands, as STEBYE, Xylop, Søren Raashou kvartet and Broadcast. In breaks Amnesty activists will tell you about discrimination and we will also try to make live feeds with the representatives of the Romani CRISS in Romania and Masvingo Amnesty group in Zimbabwe. Entry fee 40 kr.

07. September, Democracy Day, Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg. Join us and play the “Democracy game”!

21. September 16.00-18.00, Amnesty Lecture, KUL in Nordkraft. Come and learn more about human rights, Amnesty International and its many different campaigns.

28. September, Amnesty Workshops, KUL in Nordkraft. More info about the workshops will follow. The general focus of the workshops is based on the camapign against torture.

05. October, Theatre play on the Romani, KUL/Det Hemmelige Teater. Come and see a theatre play written by the people from the Masvingo Amnesty group in Zimbabwe. The date for this event will be confirmed.

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