Learn the truth about your mobile phone – watch “Blood in the Mobile”


When: Wednesday 18.05.2011, 15:00 ?? 17:00

Where: Amnesty International Aalborg, Danmarksgade 7, Aalborg

Amnesty International Aalborg invites all to watch a new documentary “Blood in the Mobile” by Frank Poulsen (se the trailer here). The film tells a story of the filmmaker’s journey to discover the truth about his mobile phone. It shows many shocking examples of child labour and war economy in Congo, where the metal used in mobile phones is mined.

The African continent is known for its rich mineral resources. In Congo you can find, among others, a mineral used in production of our mobile phones. The country is plagued by civil war, which during the last 15 yeas has claimed over 5 million human lives.

The film starts at 15:00 and lasts about 120 minuter. Afterwards we would like to engage you in a short discussion about the situation in Congo and talk more about thedark side of our consumer society.

Entry is of course free of charge.

We hope to see you next Wednesday!

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