Use your phone to save lives


Every day Amnesty International receives information about violations of human rights that sometimes require fast reaction.

Amnesty Lifeline is an urgent action network, which allows you to “sign” a petition using your mobile phone. This way we can collect thousands of petitions in a very short time and send them further to save lives and prevent human rights violation in many parts of the world.

To sign in to Amnesty Lifeline, send a message: LIFELINE to 1919. Each month you will receive 2-3 messages with petition which you can “sign” by sending an SMS. Participation in Amnesty Lifeline is free and you are only charged a regular cost of sending an SMS.

You can always sign out of the Lifeline network by sending a message LIFELINE STOP to 1919.

You can find out more about Amnesty Lifeline at:

Join in today and make a difference with just one click.

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